Situated in the heart of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, this unique distillery has won multiple international awards for their spirits, including double gold medals at the World Gin Awards. the quality and craftsmanship that goes into every bottle of Karoa Cara’s spirits been making waves in the spirits industry with their exceptional craft spirits, including their award-winning gins.

All Natural

One of the things that sets Karoa Cara apart from other distilleries is their use of locally sourced botanicals. This gives their spirits a unique South African character that is both bold and flavourful.

At Karoa Cara Distilling Co. we are passionate about handcrafting small batch spirits of exceptional quality and character. We distil our Gin slowly, using only the freshest organically grown botanicals, to ensure maximum flavour and essential oils are extracted from each ingredient. We never use artificial flavours or colorants, allowing the natural flavours and aromas of our botanicals to shine through.

Our small batch spirits are made with the finest ingredients and authentic methods, and are professionally crafted, never mass-produced.

We take pride in crafting every bottle of our small batch spirits from the picking of our own organic botanicals to the final product, with great attention to detail every step of the way.

To ensure the freshness of our botanicals, we make use of our own hydroponic growing tunnels on-site, so that our ingredients stay fresh until they are ready to be added to our 250-litre pot still named “Rafiki”.

Innovation Overload

We are constantly working on new product developments to keep up with the changing trends, such as our new and exciting Gin and vodka range with Rum to be added shortly to our range.

Their distilling process is as unique as their spirits. The distillery uses an old school pot still to distil their spirits in small batches. This allows their master distiller to carefully monitor the distillation process and ensure that only the finest spirits are produced.
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